Just three lines from Julia Roberts to Richard Gere forced him to perform “Pretty Woman”

One of Hollywood’s most well-known movies made its debut 32 years ago. The movie “Pretty Woman” was able to draw a large audience and garner numerous accolades, including Golden Globe and Oscar prizes.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts received the script from filmmaker Harry Marshal despite the fact that the cast of the film may have been drastically different. The actor, however, was not quick or easily to agree.

Richard read the script and decided not to participate because he thought it was too crude. However, as soon as the two main characters met, which was orchestrated by the director Harry Marshal, Gere changed his mind. They had a long conversation throughout the evening, and when Gere got home, he discovered a letter in his pocket that read, “Say yes, please.

Gere’s perspective was altered by these three words, and the result is what is present. A fantastic film with an even better cast.

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