Users criticized the 11-year-old daughter of Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter. And here is why

Recently, David Beckham and his heiress visited the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

David adheres to the classics, so he was dressed in a beautiful black suit.

Stylish sunglasses completed the restrained look.

However, Harper Beckham did not follow strict rules and decided to put on sneakers under an evening dress on the floor.

Naturally, many netizens did not understand this.

But do not forget that the girl is only 11 years old.

Therefore, it is not quite appropriate to say that she had to come in high-heeled shoes.

But negative commentators continued their criticism.

Harper Beckham’s dress was also disliked by many.

However, this is not cheap.

Western journalists quickly found out that the cost $ 2,000.

But many still compare it to an old-fashioned curtain.

And, of course, the appearance of an 11-year-old girl was discussed.

As usual, some people started saying that she was already overweight and that something needed to be done about it as soon as possible.


Being the daughter of parents like hers in particular, Harper simply has to take care of her appearance.

“It’s cool that parents don’t impose their beauty standards!”

Fortunately, not all commenters were so offensive.

Thus, Harper Beckham received the lion’s share of support:

“The main thing is that the child is happy!

She will lose weight quickly”,

“Good girl!”,

“I don’t understand why you are trying to find flaws in her. It doesn’t make you more beautiful”,

“Harper dressed as she saw fit”,

“It’s great that parents don’t impose their understanding of beauty”,

“I don’t understand adults who attach criticism to children. I would like to meet you at the age of 11.”

So, new photos of David Beckham caused indignation among some users.

However, this criticism is very difficult to call objective.

Still, this exit of Harper Beckham can hardly be called unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, we see that she wanted to look decent and she achieved a good result.

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