A smoking tune from 84 years ago people enjoy today

The popularity of swing dancing has grown once again in American culture. This mash-up of incredible dance moves features many talented dancers who move in crazy ways. They take swing dancing to the next level!

The clips feature Irish dancers in black in a parking garage. A solo man is dancing in the city streets with a gray suit and fedora. There are multiple couples doing awesome coordinated moves together too.

The swing dancing spotlights the crazy legs involved in the art form. There are even clips from a famous dance commercial for ‘Bacardi’ rum that shows legs moving to the rhythm the entire time.

A pair of tap dancers do their moves on a pier overlooking the water. All these moves are set to the timeless swing band tune ‘Sing, Sing, Sing,’ first popularized by ‘The Benny Goodman Orchestra’ in 1937.

The infectious drum groove was played by drum legend Gene Krupa, who was known as ‘the founding father of the modern drumset.’ The drummer became the spotlight performer in ‘Sing, Sing, Sing,’ and Gene Krupa changed how band leaders wrote music for drums.

‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ was written by famous composer Louis Prima, who first recorded it with the ‘New Orleans Gang.’ The Benny Goodman recording from 1937 is the most famous rendition of the song.

The fantastic jazz music, coupled with the wild dance moves of swing dancing, makes this mash-up a joy to experience. Relive all the classic steps set to one of the greatest eras in American music!

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