Heartwarming moment little girl can’t hold back her tears when she meets her baby cousin for the first time

If you don’t want to have kids, or you’re thinking about not having any more kids, you might want to skip on over to something else.

A little girl meets and holds her baby cousin for the first time and it’s one of the most precious things we’ve ever seen. She gives the baby soft kisses and then begins to tear up. This sweet, nurturing, little girl is going to be a great mommy one day.

This is the heartwarming moment a little girl couldn’t hold back her tears when she met her baby cousin for the first time.

The video, filmed in Simi Valley, California, captured the young girl as she sat on the sofa in a sitting room.

Two cushions were placed in her lap in anticipation of the youngster meeting her new cousin – who was in the arms of a woman next to her.

The baby, who wailed slightly due to the movement, was then placed in her cousin’s lap.

The little girl kissed the baby’s forehead, rubbing their noses together as she hugged the newborn.

But she was soon overcome with emotion at the scene, tears spilling from her eyes as she looked down at the newcomer.

The baby curled up in her lap, wiggling their fingers as they were again kissed on the forehead.

The little girl watched in awe at her new cousin as they yawned and scrunched their eyes, squealing slightly in the child’s lap.

But the overwhelmed tot just smiled at the baby as they settled back down and fell asleep.

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