Selena Gomez Addressed Body Shamers and Discussed How and Why She Put On Weight

Selena Gomez’s recent gradual departure from music and involvement in other endeavors is not a secret.
She therefore has a keen interest in social activities that enhance mental health.

Selena Gomez Slams Body-Shamers: Don't 'Bitch' About My Weight

And the famous person started appearing in more and more movies and TV shows. Selena’s followers have also noticed that she is putting on weight over time.

She has previously responded to well-wishers several times, but the other day she made the decision to cross her i’s one more time.

The 30-year-old singer acknowledged that recent weight fluctuations had been somewhat extreme. And she claims that taking lupus medicine is the reason for this.

My body begins to retain a lot of water when I take these. And this is entirely typical. “My weight gradually returns to normal when I stop using these medications,” Gomez said in a video that was shared on Twitter.

Selena Gomez Shuts Down Body-Shaming Comments

“I simply wanted to express this and offer encouragement to everyone who experiences this and feels ashamed due to their weight.” “Nobody has the right to judge you since only you know your tale,” the famous person stated.

Selena is open about the fact that statements like this are bad for her mental health. Nonetheless, she now values her body’s condition as being more essential than anything else.

Selena Gomez responded to bodyshamers and talked about how she gained weight and why it happened


“Everyone has terrible days occasionally. I’d rather be in good health and put my body first. The celebrity continued, saying, “And I know that these medications assist me, and this is the most essential thing.” She also said she “never was and never will be a model.”

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