Emily Ratajowski, 31, displays her most stunning appearance to date with her new, ultra-short pixie hairstyle.

The 31-year-old model is never shy about surprising her followers. So, even the most ardent admirers failed to identify the celebrity when she appeared on the cover of Pop Magazine the other day. The famous person actually posed with a pixie cut.

Despite the fact that Emily was not wearing any clothing, the photograph did not seem in the least bit crude—a feature of Ratajkowski’s well-known aesthetic. The image had a faint air of careless relaxation. Naturally, Internet users welcomed this development very much.

They began to compliment Emily and the photographer in a variety of ways. Fans have also noted that Ratajkowski looks terrific in a casual dress. Despite the fact that many admirers formerly thought she would look far worse without long hair. A photographer created this cover.

The real picture shoot was held in New York in December of the previous year. To everyone’s dismay, the pixie is thus merely a wig. In actuality, Emily probably wouldn’t attempt a look like this. However, supporters assert that Ratajkowski looks fantastic even with such short hair. She has dated several guys since divorcing her spouse.

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