Gigi Hadid explains her present connection with Zayn Malik after his criticism of her mother.

The model and singer’s extremely public divorce was the focus of heated debate on the network a few years ago. It seems, nonetheless, that Gigi will not harbor resentment for her ex. This was the first time in a long time that she discussed her connection with Zayn.

It turns out that the once-close friends and lovers are still in contact, largely because of their now two-year-old joint daughter, Khai. The model admitted in an interview that she was “very happy” to see her spend time with both of her parents. She said that she only makes work arrangements when her ex is available to take care of the child.

The famous person said that there are many similarities between the girl and her British father. She like morning foods like beans and curries and has a faint accent while pronouncing some words.

Remember that in October 2021, a rumor surfaced regarding one of the most beautiful celebrity couples. About everything, he told lies. He was consequently accused with four violations against Hadid, and he is no longer allowed to speak to his mother-in-law.

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