In a skirt, Brad Pitt still managed to appear stylish, and his attire won over online followers.

For promotional purposes, the actors and crew were traveling around Europe. Everyone was looking at him with a mixture of amazement and adoration. He therefore dressed in fairly casual attire on the red carpet in Paris. He then decided to wear a skirted suit in an effort to appease the crowd.

The actor, who appears to have once again chosen to let go of his blond hair, posed for pictures in Berlin while wearing a skirt with an asymmetrical hem. He pulled on another shirt that was already the same color as the skirt and donned a dusty pink shirt over the ensemble.

Sunglasses, boots, a bevy of pendants around the neck, and two rings completed the look wonderfully. The great finishing touch that made an impression was a gorgeous grin. Naturally, jokes about how he stole an outfit from his ex-wife are already being made by his supporters in a forceful and serious manner.

His followers also enjoyed his bright beauty. In a recent interview, the actor said that his sickness made it difficult for him to recognize individuals. According to him, it also changed how others in Hollywood felt about him; many see him as conceited and pompous.

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