Numerous AI Pacino admirers were shocked: The 82-year-old actor will soon have a child of his own.

Due to the age at which he was able to add to his child’s roster, AI Pacino can be seen as Hollywood’s greatest champion in this situation. After all, Robert De Niro, who shocked everyone by revealing that he was expecting a daughter for the seventh time in succession a few weeks ago, is still three years younger than AI Pacino.

The older of the two talented actors will soon become a father, which was one of the first things that TMZ revealed. Despite the fact that most of them were happy for AI Pacino, it’s vital to mention that some fans’ sentiments were murky.

The 53-year age difference between the Hollywood celebrity and his expecting partner Noor therefore strikes one of the actor’s followers as absurd. Furthermore, it was noted that the father of the alumnus would be 100 years old when AI Pacino’s as-of-yet unborn child graduates from high school. Of course, this is supposing that the latter would fulfill its promise.

The actor’s official agent stated that the baby would be born quickly because Noor is already in her eighth month.

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