65-Year-Old Man Purchases Dilapidated House and Achieves Remarkable Restoration

A family in Germany spent quality time together by building their own house. It began in 2011 when Franziska’s parents, Wolfgang and Heidi, found an old farmhouse. They searched for three years to find a property with a garden for Heidi and space for two small houses for them and Franziska’s grandparents. Eventually, they bought the farmhouse in East Germany.

The farmhouse looked nice outside, but inside, it needed a lot of work. To save money, the family decided to renovate it themselves. They removed things they didn’t need and made a kitchen for Heidi. They documented the whole process in a 13-minute video.

They didn’t change much outside but completely renovated the inside, reinforcing it with new beams and adding insulation. The hardest parts were updating the electrical wiring and plumbing.

The result was impressive! The house now has a bright living room, an office corner, and a small library. They used a lot of wood to make it cozy, even in the bathroom.

They also made the attic into a bedroom, with good insulation and its own toilet.

People praised Wolfgang for his work, especially considering his age. They admired how the family worked together to build their dream home.

You can watch the whole process on Franziska’s YouTube channel to see how they transformed the farmhouse.

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