She acted so boldly: 64 years old Sharon Stone shared a photo in a tiny swimsuit and no bra

64-year-old Hollywood star Sharon Stone appeared in front of the fans in all her glory and stunned the Network. The incrdeible actress decided to share a photo in a swimsuit boasting her toned shape.



However, not all netizens appreciated the new pictures of the actress at their true worth. There were different comments under the pic and people were desperate to see their favorite star in that bold image.


“Why take such photos after 60? Never understood these women”, “Sharon is not the same. It would be better if she didn’t appear in this form”, “She used to be a beauty”, “A very beautiful woman”, “Sharon is beautiful in any form and age”, they wrote.

And what do you think about the pictures of the beauty? Share your thoughts under this post, friends.

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