The Widow Of Elvis Presley That Never Got Married Again: What Do The Star’s Three Granddaughters Look Like Now?

The recent premiere of Sofia Coppola’s controversial film “Priscilla: Elvis and I” shed light on the life of Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley’s first and only wife, post-divorce and after his death. Despite six years of marriage, Priscilla’s connection to Elvis remained profound, bringing both joy and pain.



Following their divorce, Priscilla transitioned from a naive ’60s wife to a successful businesswoman in showbiz. Grateful for the opportunities Elvis brought her, Priscilla recently shared her story with a wide audience through the film.


Their love story began when Priscilla was 14 and Elvis was 24, blossoming during his service in Germany.

Admiring Elvis’s charisma and humor, Priscilla eventually embraced his demands on appearance and behavior, earning the nickname “Elvis doll.” Despite the strains on their relationship, including Elvis’s infidelity, they stayed together until their divorce in 1973.

Afterward, Priscilla underwent a significant transformation, both in appearance and career, entering the world of acting and business.

Elvis’s sudden death in 1977 devastated Priscilla, leading her to vow never to remarry.


Despite this, she found companionship with others, until a tragic turn of events left her devoted to preserving Elvis’s memory.

Priscilla’s life faced further challenges, including a disastrous cosmetic procedure in 2003. Despite the hardships, she remains dedicated to her family and to preserving Elvis’s legacy, ensuring his memory lives on.


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