Danny Trejo needs your prayers

The resilient actor known for his menacing role in Breaking Bad as the drug smuggler Tortuga has triumphed over liver cancer, though not without enduring some humorous ribbing from his secretary who had to endure his “whining like a little girl”. Despite facing this health scare, he chose to keep it a closely guarded secret from his inner circle.

In a candid conversation with The Sun, he opened up about his battle while promoting his innovative product “Giddy”, a wearable solution designed to naturally assist men in maintaining erections. Trejo, cautious of his liver’s well-being, confessed his reluctance to indulge in medications, citing his personal triumph over liver cancer as the reason. “I don’t want to start putting anything in there”, he expressed to the magazine.

During diagnosis, doctors uncovered a sizable 10 cm tumor on his liver, rendering traditional chemotherapy unsuitable. Instead, he underwent a series of injections, possibly referring to treatments like selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), which involves injecting radioactive beads into the liver’s bloodstream to halt cancer progression, particularly in cases where the liver is extensively damaged.

Trejo recounted the moment he received the life-changing news of being declared cancer-free after undergoing multiple injections directly into the tumor. Despite his relief, he chose to keep his ordeal hushed, fearing repercussions on his acting career if the news leaked. Even his weight maintenance during work was a strategic move to avoid raising suspicions, given unintentional weight loss is a common sign of liver cancer.

Liver cancer remains a significant health concern globally, with thousands of new cases diagnosed annually. Symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes) should not be overlooked. Other signs like abdominal lumps or flu-like symptoms may also warrant medical attention.

Let’s extend our thoughts and well wishes to those battling this disease.

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