David Beckham’s daughter has become one of the most discussed topic among netizens

Her appearance was disliked by many people

After the visit of David Beckham and his daughter to the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, many began to discuss the appearance of the 11-year-old girl.

The handsome dad was in a great outfit, dressed in a classic style and looking perfect, while daughter Harper Beckham wore a beautiful evening dress with sneakers.

Many netizens began to discuss her appearance, saying that such sneakers did not match her dress, and that she did not follow strict rules and wore sneakers.

However, many had completely different opinions and noted that the girl is only 11 years old, so high-heeled shoes are not suitable for her age.

Even many critics expressed their negative opinion about her dress, saying that it is quite expensive. After a short time, some journalists discovered that it costs $ 2,000.

There were some people, who said that the girl is quite fat and she needs to lose weight, because the daughter of such famous people must look attractive.

However, there were conflicting comments, with many expressing their surprise at such negative words, saying that the girl is happy and that is the most important thing. She is still very young and will lose weight as she ages.

So their post became one of the most discussed topic on social media, but it doesn’t disturb the girl to enjoy her life.

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