«Unbelievable that she’s a world star!» Goldie Hawn was caught in leggings and a T-shirt, without underwear

«Stop pretending to be young!»🙅🏻‍♀️Goldie Hawn, at 74, was caught in paparazzi footage in a daring look🔥😱Loose skin, bloated stomach and without underwear she decided to take a walk🩱🦵🏻At least be ashamed of your age, it’s a shame!💔🫣See rare footage in the article⬇️

In her youth, Goldie Hawn was considered an unrivaled blonde with attractive features. Over the years, little has changed, and when the actress is already 74-years-old, her slender figure remains a source of admiration. Until now, Goldie allows herself to wear bold and stylish outfits.

Goldie Hawn embraces the ’80s style and one of her favorite wardrobe staples is leggings, but she doesn’t wear them with long tunics. However, thanks to her figure, Goldie can afford it. She was photographed on the streets in youth outfits, not even embarrassed to wear T-shirts without underwear.

According to Goldie, maintaining excellent physical shape is due to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The appearance of the 74-year-old actress confirms this. But despite the positive comments, there were people who were unhappy with her image, given the fact that she is already an elderly woman.

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