He Recently Spent $6.5k On A Young Registered Black Angus Bull

Among many other benefits, laughing lowers stress, improves mood, boosts immunity, and even increases pain tolerance.

Regretfully, when life’s challenges and obligations increase, it becomes harder to find reasons to laugh.

Here’s a joke that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts, just for the purpose of a good daily laugh!

So let’s get started:

I recently bought a juvenile Black Angus bull that is registered for $6,500.

When I let him out with the herd, he would just eat grass and not even glance at a cow. That bull was beginning to appear like it cost me more than I had.

Anyway, I requested that the veterinarian examine him. The bull may be a little young, but he was in fantastic health, he said, and he gave me some medications to give him once a day.

The bull started looking after all of my cows in two days! He even succeeded in climbing over the fence to mate with all of my neighbor’s cows! He resembles a machine!

The tablets the veterinarian gave him tasted somewhat like peppermint, though I’m not sure what was in them!

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