Inside Susan Lucci’s Home with Ceiling Decor That Was a ‘Gift’ from Her Husband: ‘He Took My Breath Away’

Susan Lucci, who was fortunate to have a loving spouse who could always make her day, balanced her life as a skilled actress and dancer, even though she had one of the busiest jobs in Hollywood. His caring actions were most remembered when he surprised her in their gorgeous oceanfront home with exquisite ceiling decorations.

Susan Lucci’s captivating voice and dazzling smile have always elevated her performances. The adored star of the television sitcom “All My Children” had a happy personal life as well, spending more than 50 years with her spouse in love and affection.

Long before Lucci became well-known, she was in love with Austrian native Helmut Huber. She was a waitress at the Golden City Hotel at the time, where Huber was the head of the food and beverage department and the chef.

There was definitely more going on between them than just friendship at first. It’s interesting to note that Lucci was already engaged to another person when she met Huber, and her parents had even asked him to the engagement celebration.
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