Wendy Auger’s Fight to Keep Her Vanity Plate

For fifteen years, Wendy Auger has worn her vanity plate, “PB4WEGO,” with pride. But recently, the state of New Hampshire decided that it was “inappropriate,” which confused and frustrated Wendy.

Wendy’s plea to preserve her vanity plate was denied by the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), who claimed it contained derogatory wording. However, Wendy has always used her car as a means of self-expression and a means of making people smile.

Wendy is adamant that her right to free expression is violated by the state’s denial. She claims that the expression “pe* before we go” is just parental guidance and isn’t objectionable in any kind. She believes that her rights were needlessly violated by the DMV’s judgment.

For Wendy, obtaining the “PB4WEGO” plate was a much-needed achievement. After New Hampshire raised the character limit for vanity plates from six to seven, she had been eagerly waiting for it to become available. She was so happy with this little success, but it appears to be evaporating now.

The state uses particular regulations pertaining to vanity plates to support its conclusion. They contend that Wendy is in this situation because these regulations were set in accordance with an old court judgment. However, is it justifiable to have Wendy give up something that has grown to be an integral part of who she is?

Still up for debate: should Wendy give up her cherished vanity plate? She hopes that the authorities would rethink their choice and acknowledge the innocence of her selected message as she fights to maintain it.

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