Woman delivers pizza to rusty trailer: Opens the door and makes a shocking discovery

Sometimes, when new individuals enter our lives, we don’t realize how much they mean to us right away.

Angela Nguyen was one of those people for a man by the name of Lee Haase.

Over the years, Angela, a Domino’s employee, has delivered hundreds of pizzas. Lee is one of the many regular clients she serves.

Lee ordered pizza every Saturday, and Angela delivered it on time every time.

Nevertheless, the orders ceased one Saturday.

Feeling worried, Angela went to his residence to inquire about the reason.

Angela spotted the devastation as soon as she got there. Lee’s house had most of its roof torn off by a strong storm.

Lee was unable to pay to have his house fixed after the hurricane. To make matters worse, at that same time, his son had also perished in a snowmobile accident.

Breaking and depressed, Lee took up residence in a little trailer.

refused to do nothing but watch and wait

Sarah, Angela’s daughter and a pizza delivery driver, discovered where Lee lived. She told her mother how dire things were for him.

Lee’s camper lacked electricity, heat, water, and a sewage exit.

Angela felt sorry for Lee. She chose to act on her sympathy instead of merely feeling bad for him.

“I felt that something had to be done. Angela says, “We can’t let a human being live like this.”

It all began with a single, easy step. Lee’s trailer now has a heater thanks to Angela. It was the first move toward slightly simplifying his life.

After that, Angela launched a crowdsourcing effort. Donations began to roll in as more and more people learned about Lee’s tragic story.

$32,360 was raised by the campaign in under two months. It was plenty to get Lee a brand-new mobile home!

Without the assistance and backing of the neighborhood and numerous kind strangers, according to Angela, she would not have been able to succeed.

Kindness that changes lives

“We all had a great time doing this. Not all of this is for Lee. We all gained from it, says Angela.

Angela was the perfect person for Lee at the appropriate moment, and he was grateful for her gentle nature.

She cleared the path for Lee to reclaim his life, for which he will always be thankful.

Reading about tales like this gives me hope in a world when tragedies like natural disasters, wars, and other atrocities are ubiquitous.

It just serves to highlight the goodness within each of us. All we need to do is acknowledge it and make use of our resources to assist those in need.

Angela is a wonderful illustration of how we may assist others who are less fortunate than us in breaking out from a harmful cycle.

Please spread the word about this post so that more people are motivated to assist those in need!

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