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After eleven years of marriage, Christie and Alex had not given birth to any children. Rather, they were preoccupied with each other’s work, which ultimately had a negative effect on their relationship.

Every year on significant days like their anniversary or Valentine’s Day, Alex and Christie would go out to a nice supper at a restaurant. Christie would frequently consider these dinners to be more of a ritual because they would repeat themselves year after year, rather than being romantic.

For illustration purposes only. | Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only; Pexels source

Christie has a lifelong desire of seeing the world and getting a taste of different cultures. She believed that this would be feasible because they were childless and that their trips would help to deepen their bond.

But Alex would constantly say no to her requests for trips, claiming they were needless and costly. He was adamant about setting money up for their retirement so they could take these vacations.

Christie eventually lost interest in love. She believed that going home to eat and sleep would be the only activities in her routine.

To make matters worse, Christie found it tough to let go of Alex because of a rare kind of cancer that limited his days.

Christie once got a call from the hospital as she was leaving work one day. “Mrs. Carson, there is a problem with your husband. It’s advisable that you come over here right away,” the nurse advised.

Christie’s stomach turned at the notion of Alex passing away at such a young age, but she had to admit it crushed her heart. Even though she thought their relationship lacked passion and was static, he remained her spouse with whom she had spent the majority of her teenage years.

She attempted to contain her tears as she drove to the hospital. She began to wonder where it had all gone wrong and how, had they both tried more as a pair, things might have turned out differently.

For illustration purposes only. | Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only; Pexels source

Alex was barely able to speak and was hooked up to multiple machines when Christie arrived at the hospital. He nevertheless made every effort to communicate with Christie and express his true feelings.

“Christie,” he began to utter. “I want you to know that you are the most important person in the world, even though I know I didn’t get the chance to show you this. He breathed heavily and spoke carefully. “I realized at one point that this love might not be mutual between us,” he said.

“Christine, I did not expect to leave this world so soon, but I do love you. He looked for Christie’s hand as he added, “I had so many things planned for us.” He went on talking, and she reached out and grasped him.

“Spending these final hours with you would be the only thing I could ask for.” And I want to take a little piece of you with me when I pass away. Therefore, if you could, please place something in my pocket at my burial so I can keep it forever.”

Christie was crying by this point. Despite their falling out, she remained in love with Alex and thought he was a wonderful part of her life. “Alex, I swear to carry that out. Please don’t worry about me either. I’ll see to my own needs. So, please, go to sleep and keep an eye on me from up there. She reassured him, “I’m pleased you won’t have to suffer for much longer.

For illustration purposes only. | Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only; Pexels source

Alex nodded and kept his hand on Christie’s. “Is it unreasonable to request that I be buried wearing my beloved blue suit? You are aware of which one it is,” he enquired.

Christie gave a nod of her head. “Obviously. Don’t consider that though, just now. Together, let’s savor these times. Alright?” She said, putting on a brave face.

Christie sat next to Alex for the next few hours. They conversed about their pasts, listened to music, and occasionally just sat and enjoyed one other’s company. Alex fell asleep slowly that night and didn’t wake up.

“Alex, good bye. “I appreciate it,” Christie mumbled, collapsing. She shed a few tears and sobbed softly when the medical professionals began removing the cables from his body.

She walked up to him one more time at his funeral and delicately placed her locket in his coat pocket. The locket held one of their earliest pictures together and was the first gift Alex had ever given her while they were still in college, which made it noteworthy. Not for what transpired toward the end of our marriage, but for the happy days we shared together. “Alex, thank you for all of the amazing years,” she whispered to him.

She saw a piece of paper inside the pocket when she slipped the locket inside and carefully removed it. It said, “For Christie,” in Alex’s handwriting. Though it was new to her, she recognized that Alex had to have known he would die before putting it there. She put it in her pocket and resolved to read it later.

For illustration purposes only. | Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only; Pexels source

When she went home that evening, she got ready to read the note. Alex wrote there:

To Christie,

I’m happy that I choose to spend the rest of my life with you because I’ve loved you my entire life. We became distant somewhere along the line, and I apologize for forgetting to live in the present while trying to show you how much I loved you.

When we were younger, you used to tell me about your long-held ambition of opening a cafe by the seaside where you could bake your delectable cake recipes and feed patrons substantial meals. This was something I never forgot, and it gave me daily incentive to work really hard. I apologize for neglecting you during this period as it consumed all of my attention.

Christie, I came very close to witnessing you realize this dream. I have a bank passbook in my safe that is registered in your name. I have enough money saved up there for you to start your company. Documents pertaining to the acquisition of a piece of land including a tiny cottage with a view of the ocean are also contained in an envelope. This is where your cafe can be installed.

I never intended to depart from this world so soon. Together, I wanted to start this cafe. I apologize for not being there to support you while you turn this into a reality, but know that I will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

I will always adore you with all of my heart. Alex.

For illustration purposes only. | Source: Pexels

For illustrative purposes only; Pexels source

Christie broke down in tears after reading the note. She had thought for a long time that Alex just wasn’t interested in her or their relationship. She felt bad that she hadn’t talked to him about their problems and resolved them while she still had the chance.

“I’m sorry, Christie cried to herself, for letting go so quickly, Alex.” She sobbed, “I wish I could turn back time.”

She spent the entire evening talking to Alex in prayer, sharing his desires and regrets. Even though it took her some time to adjust to his passing, she gradually got over it and began organizing the cafe’s launch as that is what Alex would have wanted.

A few months later, she was prepared to open her cafe. Uncle Alex’s Seaside Cafe was her husband’s inspiration for the name.

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