Doctors Pulled 700 Worms Out Of His Body, And It’s All Because He Ate This One Meal

Holiday favorites like ham and pork are common, but watch out—if they’re not prepared correctly, they might infect your body with parasites.

This is exactly what happened to Zhu Zhongfa, a man in China. He unintentionally consumed the eggs of the hazardous parasite Taenia solium after consuming undercooked pork. His condition rapidly deteriorated as he started having regular seizures and experiencing weeks-long spells of fainting, which prompted him to seek medical attention.

Doctors found that a substantial tapeworm infestation was the cause of these episodes just one month after the undercooked pork was consumed. Through his bloodstream, these parasites had traveled throughout his body and into his brain, lungs, and other organs.

Experts in medicine directly connected the undercooked pork he had consumed to his grave illness. The tapeworm infestation threw his life into disarray because it prevented him from working in construction, where heavy machinery use is a daily occurrence. It had a disastrous effect on his livelihood and health.

Zhongfa endured weeks of suffering, but he didn’t seek medical attention until his situation got worse. He was experiencing frequent episodes of losing consciousness and frothing at the mouth by the time he was taken to the hospital.

Through Zhongfa’s digestive tract, the larvae entered his body and eventually made their way through the circulation to his brain and lungs. The larvae of these parasitic worms burrowed themselves into human tissues, where they formed cysts that, if they degraded, may harbor serious illnesses. Similar cases frequently result in symptoms like dementia, migraines, seizures, and blindness. These symptoms may not appear for years in certain cases.

Zhongfa’s case involved larvae that formed cysts close to his brain and neurological system, which resulted in a serious infection known as cysticercosis. Space-occupying lesions in the brain were discovered during his medical evaluation, in addition to cysts in his lungs and chest muscles.

When Zhongfa thought back on his illness, he remembered having a dinner that didn’t seem to be thoroughly cooked around a month before his symptoms started. The frequent seizures and episodes of fainting were what ultimately prompted him to seek medical attention.

Zhongfa’s failing health immediately alarmed Dr. Huang Jianrong of Zhenjiang University School of Medicine’s Affiliated Hospital. To properly determine the degree of the infestation, Dr. Huang requested MRIs of the head and chest.

Dr. Huang said, “He had cysts in his lungs and chest muscles in addition to numerous lesions in his brain.” Depending on the parasites’ preferred location of abode, different patients react to these illnesses differently. Others who have lung cysts may cough up bloody mucus, but Zhongfa suffered seizures and even passed out.

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