Beloved comedian died today in a tragic accident after a large tree branch fell on top of him

COMMEDIAN Tony Knight died at a music festival in France after a terrible accident.

Last month, the incident happened while Tony, 54, was at the Rock & Cars festival in Lavaur.

Fox News Digital was told by a family member that a big tree branch fell on top of the stand-up comedian and a few other people who were at the festival.

His health, happiness, and fitness were all good, and he had everything going for him. He was charming, funny, and passionate, and his partner Hayley, his family, and his friends all over the world loved him very much, a family member told the news source.

French media say that Tony was the only person hurt in the accident, which is being looked into by police in the area.

People who liked and knew the comedian shared their sadness on social media about his death.

“Worrying news about Tony Knight. Tragic accidents are always hard to hear about. “It’s important to remember how much happiness and laughter his comedy brought to many people,” someone wrote on Facebook.

It’s crazy that you have no idea when or how you’ll spend your last day on earth. Mind-boggling, really. Unusual events. Another person said, “I’m so sorry for your family’s loss.”

“May your love rest in peace. My condolences to your friends and family. A third said, “So sorry to lose you, sir.”

“Wow that’s so sad, especially those that help animals, prayers to all his loved ones,” someone said.

“This is very disappointing news. RIP Tony,” another person wrote.

No changes were made to the original sentence. Best wishes for your funeral ” included a sixth.

Hayley Wright, Tony’s longtime partner, set up a GoFundMe in honor of the performer to help pay for funeral and medical bills.

On July 5, more than $8,000 of the $20,000 goal had been raised for the cause.

Tony was getting ready for a comedy tour in the UK in the months before he died.

Also, Tony was known for loving dogs. On his website, he called himself a “dog listener.”

Hayley’s sister talked about the side job on GoFundMe, saying that Tony “helped people all over the world” learn how to interact with their furry friends in different ways.

He was also about to teach well-known dog classes all over Europe before his sudden death, she said.

The singer from Washington, DC, recently had a show called “Mad Dogs and an Englishman,” which sold out many venues in Australia and other countries.

Tony also worked as an actor, as shown on his IMDB page, in movies like The Legend of Awesomest Maximus (2011), The Saxon Chronicles (2006), and Unicorn City (2012).

Although the Englishman was legally living in Australia, he has spent the last four years living with his partner Hayley on her family farm in Beaufort. They have been together for more than 15 years.

There are rumors that Hayley wants to spread Tony’s ashes in France.

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