“What Made Them Move To Another House?”: The Reason Why George and Amal Clooney With Their Two Kids Left Their $13M Mansion!

Renowned power couple George and Amal Clooney have recently grabbed attention with their swift relocation decision. Known for their affinity for historic and picturesque properties, the couple bid farewell to their cherished family home in Berkshire, England.



The Clooneys, parents to two children, acquired the Grade II-listed mansion in September 2014, shortly after their opulent Venetian wedding. Following extensive renovations costing over $25 million, the 17th-century estate was transformed into a modern luxury abode spanning 11,000 square feet.


Among its features is a 60ft swimming pool with a shaded area and a connecting hot tub, alongside a meticulously landscaped garden boasting pine trees and an Astro-Turf tennis court. Despite efforts to ensure privacy, proximity to the Thames River made the mansion susceptible to flooding, necessitating an additional $60,000 investment in flood-proofing measures.

Severe flooding incidents, exacerbated by Britain’s inclement weather, prompted the Clooneys’ decision to relocate. Despite the beauty of the area, neighbors confirmed the couple’s absence from the property due to the inundation of their back garden with up to four feet of water.

The Clooneys’ new abode, Domaine Le Canadel, an expansive Provence wine estate, offers respite from the weather challenges of England. With amenities like a pool, tennis court, and lush gardens, the estate reflects the couple’s enduring love for European living.

Their commitment to the continent extends to their iconic Italian villa in Lake Como, cherished for its picturesque setting and hosting of esteemed guests.

Despite rumors of selling the villa, George Clooney reaffirmed its significance, emphasizing its profound impact on his life.

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